For all general questions, please check out our FAQ below. If you have any other questions, please go to our contact us section to send us your inquiries and our assistance team will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Who can purchase Hair Couture's extension products? 

Hair Couture only sells to Beauty Suppliers, salon owners, licensed hair stylist and beauticians.

What are the requirements to purchase Hair Couture's extension

You can purchase Hair Couture's hair extension products by creating account. You must be a beauty supplier, salon owner, or licensed Cosmetologist and must submit proof of your Professional license or Resellers permit.

  • ​Cosmetologists: You must attach a copy of your Professional License with state issue ID*
  • For Business Owners: You must attach a copy of your Resellers Permit with state issue ID*

Accepting Payment Terms: Credit Card

​Upon creating an account, please allow 24hr for review of your application for an approval.

Where can I purchase Hair Couture's extension products? 

You can purchase Hair Couture's hair extension products from us directly. If you need assistance with any purchases, please give us a call directly at our hotline or send us a message and our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you in finding the best products that meet your needs.

Where can I get more details on pricing information? 

Please give us a call or contact us for more details on pricing information. Our sales representative will gladly assist you and send out details on pricing information and a catalog upon request. 

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Why are Hair Couture's extensions more affordable than others? 

Unlike many manufacturers out there, Hair Couture does not go through third-party entities. Thus, we have no overhead cost which in turn helps us to minimize our cost as well as the pricing for our customers. 

How long does it take to receive the order? 

Hair Couture understands that retailers and stylists deal with extremely time-sensitive situations with clients. We try our best to send orders out on the same-day we received. Through our shipping, we provide various delivery options including: Ground, 3-day, 2-day, and overnight shipping.


What is Remy Hair? 

Remy hair is the highest natural grade of real human hair that can be purchased for use in wigs or hair extensions. 100% human hair provides the best in quality and durability for wigs and extensions. The hair cuticles are maintained in a unidirectional alignment to reduce the chances of tangling for a wig or extension that is completely natural in appearance. 

Is Remy hair long lasting? 

The Hair Couture line consists of pure Remy Hair with a 50% elasticity: truly healthy Remy Hair possesses an elasticity that can be stretched without any risk of breaking or other damage.

Is Remy hair resistant to damages? 

Hair Couture Remy Hair has low porosity between its cuticles, which makes the hair less susceptible to damage that may be caused by chemical treatments such as bleaching, tinting and perming. 

Is Remy hair resistant to shedding? 

Reinforced wefts and 100% natural organic glue tightly secure our Remy Hair in order to diminish the occurrence of shedding. 

Is Remy hair superior quality? 

Hair Couture Remy hair is treated by subterranean, natural mineral water whereas other companies use acid or recycled water that causes serious damage to the hair.

Is Remy hair versatile in style? 

High quality Remy hair retains heat and enhances any style you want including flicks, twirls, curls and straightening. 

What type of hair does Hair Couture use? 

We use 100% Human Remy hair in all our hair extensions. "Remy" means that each cuticle of our hair faces the same direction and therefore, prevents the hair from tangling. Since the hair extensions remain detached from the scalp, they can be easily damaged and may not return to a healthy condition. This is one of the major reasons why it is crucial to use high quality hair extensions. 

How important is consultation? 

It is best and extremely important to consult if you are trying to install professionally used hair extensions such as I-tip, U-tip, Weft and Tape-in extensions. Due to the differences in every individual's hair color, length, texture and style, it is highly recommended that you receive preliminary consultation to select the correct product. Applying the hair extension is a critical process, but learning to properly care for it is also equally important. We are always happy to assist you so remember to reach out to our sales team and provide us with your current hair length and we can assist you better in achieving the best desired result. 

Do I need consultation for Clip-on extensions? 

You generally do not need consultation to use clip-on extensions. Information for clip-on applications can easily be found on the internet. For clip on applications, always make sure to have sufficient hair ratio per clip to cover the head for both length and volume.

Can I blow dry and curl the I-tip and U-tip extensions? 

Yes, you can blow dry and curl the I-tip and U-tip extensions. Because the hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair, you can style the hair in any way you want, as if you are styling your own natural hair.

 Tip: it is always important that you treat the hair with a non-oil based hair mask at least once a week. Always use a heat protection before using any type of hot tool against the hair to extend the duration of the hair extensions. 

Can I blow dry and curl the Clip-on extensions? 

Yes, you can blow dry and curl the Clip-on extensions. Because the hair extensions are 100% human Remy hair, you can style the hair in any way you want, as if you are styling your own natural hair.

Do hair extensions damage my own natural hair? 

Hair extensions won't damage your own hair as long as you follow the maintenance instructions provided for each type of hair extension. For all other extensions besides clip-on's it is extremely important that you get your hair done by a knowledgeable and experienced stylist.  

Will I experience any pain or discomfort with hair extensions?

On the first night with any of our I-Tip or U-tip products applied, there may be a slight feeling of discomfort, due to not being used to or having something in the hair. After 2 to 3 days, the feeling will naturally adjust with the hair extensions on. 

How long do hair extensions last? 

Depending on the quality of hair and how well the hair extension is maintained, it can last from 3 to 6 months. It is best recommended that you remove the hair extensions and get a touch-up after 3 months due to hair regrowth.